As you probably know, there are blogs and there are blogs. Some blogs are nothing more than gossip, while others simply chronicle the life and times of the blogger (which may or may not be interesting). Our blog is a tool we use to capture the intellectual capital floating around in the talented brains of the people in our network. It is therefore critical to make sure that you know what a blog’s goal is before bookmarking it for regular reading.
?ic@TmTd = “What I see at”.
At our passion is to help people realise that we don’t have to work in the way we’ve always been working. A new era is emerging, and this provides us with wonderful opportunities to be extraordinarily successful in new ways, using new methods, and creating a better life for all. is a futurist strategy consultancy with a particular focus on helping companies and individuals understand the “humanâ€? side of business. We believe competitive advantage is found less and less in what you sell, and more and more in who you are and how you sell. Therefore, we focus on helping companies maximize the potential and effectiveness of their people, and enhance their connections with their customers. We do this by watching future trends and understanding the human impact of tomorrow’s realities before anyone else does. We help companies apply those insights today, with a specific emphasis on helping our clients to attract, retain, nurture and lead the “bright young thingsâ€? – inside and outside the organization.
This blog is our play space, where we record what we’re seeing as we scan global mega trends to look for the new realities. To do this, we watch other blogs, scan websites, read magazines (between the main contributors, we read virtually every decent business and news magazine available (from The Economist and Business Week to TIME and Newsweek, from New Scientist to Inc and from Fast Company to Intelligence) and read vociferously. We also spend a lot of time with our network of gurus and our clients – listening more than anything else. What you see on this blogsite is a synthesis of all of that information into something useable for you.
You will probably find its too tough to read through everything we put down – don’t worry about it. Maybe select a category down the side menu, and just read those. Or dip and and out as you have the time.
This is really just our internal website that we’re allowing you to look into. Enjoy it.
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