How do you get noticed as a company attempting to hire this year’s crop of bright young graduates? L’Oreal has gone for an interesting strategy. Following the extraordinary success of business based reality TV game shows (we’re not fans of the business advice these shows give – read an article I wrote about that here – but they’re certainly good entertainment and have captured the public’s attention), L’Oreal has run their own international strategy simulation business competition, attracting competing teams of MBAs and final year undergraduate students from around the world.
Its run completely online, looks like a lot of fun, and is very likely to attract attention amongst type of graduates that L’Oreal would want to employ as interns. Check out details of the game here.
Attracting and retaining the Bright Young Things is now more than ever a strategic capability of a successful 21st-century company. To be successful, companies need to think in new ways and do new things.

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