Yesterday Frank and I facilitated a three-hour experience with Sportron’s top sales leaders in the Drakensberg. What a great company this is! During dinner I told Dr. T (Sportron’s head) of a specific nougat brand and the only question he had was: “Is it good for you?” It seems as if this is the unwritten Sportron motto “Is it good for you?”

Not only are their products ‘good for you’, but it also seems as if Sportron as an organisation is good for its people. Several stories were shared of people who really benefited on a personal level from being part of Sportron. I had the flu while presenting the programme and it was amazing the amount of care they gave me once they found this out after the workshop. And their products really were ‘good for me’!

I think all organisations can learn from direct marketing companies. They perfected the art of relationship-business long ago. This was so evident in the team we had there, although it was only for a short period of time. The sincerity between the leaders and the team and the team amongst each other and the fun they have while doing their business is inspiring. Of course there are always things in all teams than can be improved, but we can all learn from Sportron’s passion for learning, care for people, value for empowering relationships and determination to succeed.

Whatever you do to yourself or to others, always remember to ask: “Is it good for you?”

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