An article in last week’s “The Spectator” (I won’t tell people that you read this blog, if you don’t tell them I read Spectator :-)), is possibly the best single article description of the new emerging connection economy you are ever likely to read (in fact, that’s why I read the mag – it’s the best use of the English language I have ever encountered in mag print). Find the article here. [[The Spectator needs a subscription to read online content. If you don’t have one, then I have put up a JPG copy of the two pages. I don’t want to have intellectual capital issues, so I have just scanned it in – you can read them but otherwise not use them. Please buy the Spectator. Read them: Page 1 (490Kb) and Page 2 (531Kb).
It comments on the closing of the Rover factory in England a few weeks ago, and expresses astonishment. Not at its closure, but at how long it managed to stay open. It goes from there to comment on how conservative Britons express dismay that “Britain doesn’t make anything” anymore, and asks them to wake up and smell the services revolution. It goes on to comment on the braining up of China, the fact that more Chinese people are leaving Canada to go back to China than the reverse, and suggests what the world might look like in a few decades time.
It will take you 10 minutes to read, is witty and insightful, and plain brilliant.

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