Inc magazine (June 2004) ran a short story on new employee benefits – one of which is child-care facilities. Read the article here (and see the online poll that indicated that 65% of Inc online readers would consider adding daycare). Its more than just creating a warm fuzzy feeling amongst staff – corporate “do-gooderness”. Its one strategy in the critical task of attracting and retaining star performers (we prefer to call them “bright young things” (BYTs) – see here for our take on it at
This, by the way, was not a big company. Inc is a magazine specifically targetting small and medium size enterprises. The company in question employed only 50 people, losing on average only 1 per year. A phenomenal achievement in the SMME sector! Small and medium companies have an opportunity to “steal” top talent from big corporates precisely because they have the flexibility to provide non-traditional employee benefits.
Interestingly, there is also a business opportunity for the outsourcing of some of these creative employee benefits (who, after all, will run the corporate day care facility?). All-in-all, a set of serious market opportunities in the BYT space.

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