Global Reach;
Location Independence;
Electronic Knowledge Network;
Time Compression.
These four headings were used to describe VeriFone’s business model in a FastCompany article today. Click here for full article
As I read through the article there was something that immediately grabbed me, and it’s killing me, cos I don’t know why? I can imagine that some people read this and got exhausted, but I read it and while I don’t want to work with VeriFone, I want to work like VeriFone. Well actually I do work like VeriFone (most of the time). Maybe I got excited because they did such a good job describing me? Certainly this has got to be a model to be considered for the future. How you lead in that environment is going to get tricky. Without people who want to work like that, I’m not sure you’re going to easily be able to demand it, even request it, nicely. The kind of passion and ownership (and other words in that category) that’s needed isn’t going to be generated after employment. If you don’t come in with it, I’m not sure you’re going to get it (easily).

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