Creating energy in an environment (physical space) seems so simple? When you’re in a place that’s got it, you know it. And when you’re in a place that doesn’t, you know it as well. And to complete the thought, if a place doesn’t have it and it suddenly needs it, it’s probably not going to get it.
So it can’t be simple then. Because so few places manage to create it?
There’s a grocery store in the US called Stu Leonards. Amongst the many things it’s well known for (it’s the biggest Milk Store in the world – what the heck is that?) the one that caught my attnetion is the fact that it has a Director of Wow!

Two days ago I had a Wow! experience. 15 minutes, care of Wesbank (see I walked into their building (one of four or five in a large banking complex) and was immediately curious about the volume of music coming from their reception area. It was loud, too loud to phone someone on my mobile, and it was viby. Viby enough to think I was heading into a club. It shouted ‘energy’ all over the place.
My eye then caught the 2 signs as you walk into the reception area. The one was ‘Number of complaints our CEO has received this week’, and the other ‘The number of compliments our CEO has received this week’. Interesting?
The ‘x-ray’ security machines where turned off along with the metal detectors. Unlike the rest of the banking complex it’s a part of.
So I asked? and the answer was simple really. Ronnie (the CEO, and yes everyone is on a first name basis) trusts everyone, and how can you trust anyone and then have an x-ray machine? Or a metal detector?
And Ronnie wanted to make sure that everyone had the best possible chance of having an energy filled day, so loud and viby music is the first thing you hear when you go into work.
I only had 15 minutes. If I’d had more time I’m pretty sure I would have been Wowed! even more. And I’m also certain that it’s not all perfect. That’s not what I’m suggesting. I’m just suggesting that it’s far more simple than those that don’t would have us believe.
And I’ve had 15 minutes of Wow! to prove it.

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