Wonder what the beer ‘die hards’ are saying this week (Feb 14, 2005 – Anhauser Busch announce their new ‘B to E’ drink, a cross between Red Bull and Budweiser)? Probably very similar to the cricket ‘die hards’ with the advent of 20 overs cricket.
The real question is where’s it all going? This is just a transition. Beer will not stay as beer has stayed. In fact beer has already changed to suite the tastes of the masses. There are very few breweries making beer the way it was always made, and they’re going out of business (and for good reason, it tastes aweful). These breweries are surviving only as historical relics and sites worth visiting to catch a glimpse of the past.
E is a transition. E is somewhere on the way to what we’ll be drinking soon. While this isn’t the first, it signals us leaving B.

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