Refreshingly different; full of passion; street smart; not easily fooled; ready for anything (rfa)


Somewhere between 21 and 34 (more about mind than body)


There just isn’t an appropriate adjective to describe this world changing generation of people (used similarly in the phrase ‘who’s an exploding thingy then?)
We’re searching for stories of companies, organizations, bosses, colleagues and anyone you work with who is doing some of the right things when it comes to attracting, retaining and getting the best of Generation X. (In fact we’d also like to hear some stories of those same people who are getting it horribly wrong)
We don’t want to name them, just tell the stories, and where possible to visit, interview and video.
Business is beginning to take this generation seriously, (see the story below) and we’d like to develop an archive of amazing stories, both good and bad, for all of us to enjoy, and then more importantly, learn from.
If you have a story to tell, drop an e-mail to [email protected] (or [email protected]) and we’ll post it onto our GameBreakers site, which can be found athttp://www.tomorrowtoday.biz/gb)

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