Concept Cafe is a creative way to accomplish a variety of goals in the workplace, from developing and mentoring staff to brainstorming ideas and concepts.
Essentially it can involve anything between 3-12 people, (though numbers can vary) meeting on a regular basis (monthly or weekly) for 1-2 hours, ideally in a boardroom environment around food. (food always stimulates thinking)
The purpose of meeting is always around a central idea / theme / reading. (concept) It can be used to discuss leadership and some of the more personal / inner aspects to leadership, which are seldom given space in the work environment for meaningful discussion. The key to concept cafe lies in its facilitation and whatever boundaries may be put in place can be decided by the group.
Concept Cafe sounds simple and even obvious, but the willingness to implement and follow through with it can produce amazing results.
If you would like more information regarding Concept Cafe, please contact Keith Coats (

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