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At TomorrowToday Global, we help clients around the world analyse major global trends, developing strategies and frameworks to help businesses anticipate and adapt to market disruption in an ever-changing world.

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The forces of change are disrupting how we live and how we work. At TomorrowToday Global, our goal is to equip you with the tools and skills to approach this turbulence with confidence.

In the context of global change and ever-increasing complexity, we, at TomorrowToday Global, are passionate about engaging with businesses and teams through keynote presentations, workshops, webinars, leadership development, online learning and strategic consulting.

Our Most Popular Keynotes

Whether delivered in-personal or virtually from across the globe, Keynote presentations are the most impactful way to inform, educate and inspire your team. Our world-class presenters are experts in each of their fields. We customise our research, analysis and presentation content to engage directly with your team to deliver powerful results within your organisation.

Our Services

Keynote presentations

Our multimedia-driven presentations deliver the latest research and case studies in a powerful and engaging format for your event and audience.


The interactive workshops allow our world-class presenters to collaborate with your team in a more personal capacity, creating the perfect environment for innovation in your organisation.


We deliver punchy and impactful webinars using next-generation technology, allowing audiences across the globe to connect virtually. Our expertise within the hybrid world is exactly what your company needs.

Leadership Programmes

We craft bespoke leadership and skills development programmes for organisations around the world, in order to assist companies in building an effective and emotionally intelligent workforce.


We assist global leaders, startups and middle market organisations to deliver cutting edge strategies and solutions to emerging socio-economic, geo-political and global business problems.

Online Learning Academy

We’ve developed exceptional online learning resources, allowing leaders, teams and businesses to access expert insights, powerful courses, podcasts and webinars from around the world.

Throw Forward Thursday: The end of… investment brokers and fund managers

TRANSCRIPT The stock markets are going crazy. But I've got a hot stock pick for you, one that's guaranteed to make you a lot of money. If you want to know what it is, keep watching to the end of this video and and I'll tell you or maybe not. My name is Graeme...

Tuesday Tip: Future of People – Reimagining Your Organization’s Culture.

Today’s Tuesday Tip from the TomorrowToday team comes from my colleague, Buhle Dlamini (who is currently in South Africa and available for local bookings). I am basking in the glow of being back in South Africa, after being locked out for the last couple of years, and...

5 for Friday – 01 July 2022

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Tuesday Tip: How We See: Understanding our lenses – KC

The reality is that we don’t see the world as ‘it is’ but rather as ‘we are’. How we see the world is filtered through our multiple lenses that shape and impact how we interpret the world around us. Embedded in our lenses are multiple biases, both known and unknown,...

A Few Clients We’ve Worked With.

A Few Clients We’ve Worked With.

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