Squidoo logoSeth Godin is undoubtedly one of the gurus of online marketing. His ideas never seem to age and he seems to often be one step ahead of the rest. In his latest move, he has set up a service called squidoo. In his words, this is what it is about:
“For a long time, the web has been about more. More links, more traffic, more hits, more choices. In the face of all that more, many sites (and most surfers) are not getting what they want. This free ebook, from bestselling author and Squidoo.com founder Seth Godin, proposes a different way of achieving your goals: less.�
The ebook outlines a technique that will increase PageRank, user satisfaction, clickthrough and the spread of your ideas, whatever those ideas are. It doesn’t matter if you use Squidoo or not… the idea of a lens makes sense whether you post it yourself or let us host it for you. And hey, it’s free. Once again, a great free offer from Godin, download his book here: http://www.squidoo.com/stuff/books/EveryoneIsAnExpert.pdf
Visit the Squidoo site here: http://www.squidoo.com/blog/
Amazing how the web changes, you gotta love it!

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