Say hello to Google DS2 (Desktop v.2), and
Google Talk
, both in beta format for now.
This newer version of Google Desktop includes a unique integrated sidebar, which acts as a portal to all your personalised information. It includes an Email portal, which reports directly from your mail client, a News portal that gathers info while you access news sites and posts relevant links to related stories for your convenience. If you enjoy sports, you’ll see more sports articles based on the info GD gathers regarding your personal preferences.
Wait it gets better… the Web Clips portal automatically displays new content from sites you visit, offering you the choice to add RSS / ATOM feeds as well.
There’s a Scratch Pad (simplified notepad) in which you can type notes or reminders to yourself, all of which are automatically saved. A Photo’s portal gives you quick access to all the images stored on your computer.
Quick View empowers you to prioritise your most valued links / files for quick access. What’s Hot downloads the most recent Top 10 Technorati searches for one-click access. There’s Weather Reports, Stock Exchange stats and plug-ins galore. Get it.
Then there’s Google Talk. Clearly aimed at dethroning existing IM / VoIP market leaders (watch out Skype) , Google Talk offers pretty much the same as every other IM tool, but with the power of the Googleplex behind it. Tell me what you think?

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