Dalai Lama promotes AppleI was part of an interesting conversation with a couple of people the other day. The topic was meditation. The conversation moved to silence and it’s role in meditation. As I listened to the effects of silence in meditation, I recognised many of them to be the same as what I have experienced while listening to my iPod.
My iPod was purchased mostly to help me avoid the frustration of flying. I’m a ‘not so great’ passenger, and I’ve found that my iPod allows me to travel to a different world while being transported by one of the carriers I happen to be on at the time. It has helped reduce the stress I normally end up feeling on the other end. What’s interesting is that often I find myself in complete ‘silence’ even though the volume is at 80%-90%. It’s like I ‘zone out’.
Now I’m now expert on silence and meditation, but it did get me wondering about what mediation might have looked lilke if iPod’s had existed way back when? Way back when silence was the chosen method to ‘zone out’. And I don’t know if the Dalai Lama has an iPod or not. I have a friend who’s seen a picture of him in a Nike cap. But if he had one, would he use it as part of his meditation? I’d like to think so.
Nuf Sed

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