Good to Great and its predecessor, Built to Last are two of the best selling business books of all time. Built to Last is, in my opinion, a seriously dodgy book that purports to give timeless advice for building enduring companies, by analysing the antics of seriously industrial age companies over the past 50 years. There are, of course, some good principles that emerge, but on the whole, I’d give it a skip.
Book coverGood to Great, by Jim Collins (buy it at or (2001) is a much better aid for 21st century companies battling with the connection economy and how to build a really great company. The one enduring weakness of Collins’ work is that he only focuses on stock market returns as a measure of greatness, rather than societal contribution – but, in his defense, he has very little option given that he was trying to do an objective, scientific analysis.
There are some excellent summaries of Good to Great available online – I’d recommend this PDF document, from Executive summaries.

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