Developing Personal and Team EQ


You lead out of who you are. This is the very essence of personal leadership and team development, and it starts with self awareness. What are your strengths? Why do certain things trigger you? Why are you a good leader for some teams but not others? Why does that colleague frustrate you so much? What motivates or drives you? Why do you act the way you do? What are you doing that may annoy others and how can you stop doing it! These, and many more, are the questions this workshop answers.

In a dynamic, interactive and entertaining workshop, Tamryn offers profound insights into why we act, relate and lead the way we do.

In the extensive international work that TomorrowToday does, we have yet to find a framework in the area of self-awareness and personal mastery, that comes close to the effectiveness and applicability of the Enneagram.

Tamryn has brought the Enneagram to leaders from over 22 countries, whether unpacked at an individual or team level, the Enneagram is a framework that resonates with audiences globally, across generational, cultural and industry boundaries, making it an invaluable tool in the on-going challenge of inviting the best out of others.

Tamryn Batcheller Adams

Tamryn Batcheller Adams – Sense maker, Psychologist & Consultant

In this workshop the Enneagram is addressed in 3 main areas:

Personal Growth through self awareness

How each personality ‘shows’ up in work and leadership contexts

Understanding how to get along better with those you work with

“When I first learnt about the enneagram, it was one of the greatest conversion experiences of my life. I felt that a veil had fallen away…the enneagram uncovers the games we find ourselves entangled in.”

– Richard Rohr

Take Home Values

  • Invigorates personal development and learning.
  • Provides clear and practical insights to improve leading and managing others – including areas such as giving feedback, dealing with conflict and task suitability.
  • Will assist in ensuring better connection / communication, both internally and externally.
  • Will enhance team cohesion and performance.
  • Provides a deeper understanding as to the motivators underpinning behaviour and performance.
  • Identifies personal behaviours under stress

The Enneagram is highly effective in:

  • Understanding leadership styles and leadership development
  • Building effective teams
  • Enhancing sales performance
  • Customer relations and management
  • Personal development
  • Coaching / Mentoring
  • Managing / Supervising
  • Recruitment
  • Parenting

This workshop is a fun, interactive high energy morning, where everyone leaves with a sense of how to work better together, heightens communication with one another, whilst also finding out more about themselves, their motivations and roles within the team.

4 Reasons why TomorrowToday recommends the Enneagram:

The Enneagram provides a personality map that shows the unique gifts different workers bring to their team and workplace. When employees’ strengths are leveraged, and they’re each given a role in the team that plays to their strengths, they thrive and contribute in group work.

The Enneagram gives wisdom to the team members in dealing with each other, understanding how each reacts differently to motivation, feedback, needing more or less information, rules etc – so how do we get the most out of each team member…

The Enneagram also identifies areas of difficulty for each of the nine types, areas where teammates can provide support. All of the nine Enneagram types have the potential to work well in teams. Below, we describe the strengths and social role of each Enneagram type in teams, as well as blind spots they can face.

The Enneagram helps us to appreciate diversity – each type has something important and unique to bring to work.

“Tamryn did an excellent job of explaining each enneagram type and their qualities (and blindspots).  She did it in a way that was very positive, yet challenged the audience to dig deeper.  I will continue to explore the enneagram to better know myself and to use it as a leadership tool.”

– FBI delegate

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