About Our Work

We are living in a remarkable era. All the forces of change are creating a turning point in history. A time where entire industries may rise and fall, societies shift, and new rules for success and failure are being written. In times of turbulent change, individuals and organisations alike need new skills for dealing with what the future holds.

Helping Businesses Adapt To Global Disruption

At TomorrowToday Global, we’ve spent over two decades tracking the forces that are shaping the world around us, and in so doing we’ve helped hundreds of companies and their leaders to make sense of tomorrow’s world.

Through our extensive understanding of the nature of disruptive change, we’ll help you focus on responding to the changing world, without losing engagement or productivity in your teams.

We understand that there is tremendous value in the diversity of your people, be it generational, cultural, gender or personality type. By harnessing and celebrating these differences we help businesses increase engagement and productivity within their teams.

Keynote Presentations

Our multimedia-driven presentations deliver the latest research and case studies in a powerful and engaging format, that can be customised for your specific event and audience.


The interactive workshops allow our world-class presenters to collaborate with your team in a more personal capacity, creating the perfect environment for innovation in your organisation.

Live Webinars

We deliver punchy and impactful webinars using next-generation technology, allowing audiences across the globe to connect virtually. Our expertise within the hybrid world is exactly what your company needs.

Virtual Meetings

We craft bespoke leadership and skills development programmes for organisations around the world, in order to assist companies in building an effective and emotionally intelligent workforce.


We assist global leaders, startups and middle market organisations to deliver cutting edge strategies and solutions to emerging socio-economic, geo-political and global business problems.

Online Learning Academy

We’ve developed exceptional online learning resources, allowing leaders, teams and businesses to access expert insights, powerful courses, podcasts and webinars from around the world.

TT Futures Institute

The Future’s Institute is an online academy where our team of futurists and leadership experts have identified eight key skills needed to succeed in the Future’s Institute.

The Future’s Institute provides you with a step by step path to follow to develop each skill. This can be done in your own time and in a community that supports, encourages and walks this journey with you.

In addition to providing the practical steps for each skill development, the Future’s Institute also offers additional resources such as a book club, case studies for scenario building, conversation starters, and other great resources to set you and your team up for success in the Future of Work.


The TomorrowToday Foundation

TomorrowToday Global has always wanted to be more than just a business and to have an impact on people for more than just commercial gain.

The TomorrowToday Foundation was born out of this vision. In its close on 10-year history the TomorrowToday Foundation has been influential in helping people and communities in need.

The Foundation is mainly active in the educational field, seeking to enable children to learn in an environment that gives them the opportunity to develop, learn and engage to reach their full potential.

Officers of the TomorrowToday Foundation give of their time and expertise free of charge. All donations received are allocated to causes deemed in the strategic sphere in which the Foundation seeks to operates.

The Foundation is registered as a Public Benefit Organization in South Africa and enjoys S18(A) tax exempt status. This means that donors are able to deduct contributions from their South African taxable income.

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